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Woman’s $35k Tiny House With Open Design


Meet Yulande in Pringle Bay, who introduces her beautifully designed tiny house. She emphasizes her transition toward a minimalist and sustainable living style, highlighting the fusion of luxury and functionality in a tiny space.Yulande takes us through her kitchen and dining area, featuring a quartz countertop with a stunning sparkle effect. She plans to replace the induction stove with a gas one due to periodic electricity outages in South Africa.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

She highlights the compact fridge, microwave, and a sophisticated solar inverter system, all accessible and manageable through a smartphone app.Discover the versatility of Yulande’s dining table, which she effortlessly moves for various purposes. Large stacking doors open up to an expansive outdoor deck, effectively doubling the living space.Watch the video from Tiny Home Tours:

Yulande demonstrates the smart glass used in the doors, which efficiently controls UV exposure and temperature, ensuring comfort and energy efficiency.Yandi reflects on transitioning from a corporate career to embracing the tiny home lifestyle, highlighting her values of minimalism and sustainability.


She emphasizes the importance of minimalism and constant tidiness in a tiny home.Discuss the tiny house’s mobility, its light steel frame construction, and the maintenance-free exterior cladding.Yulande explains the practicalities of connecting utilities with each move and her choice of cladding material for both aesthetic and functional benefits.