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Woman’s Dream Camper Van Tiny Home


Join Caitlin Pyle as she gives you an exclusive tour of ” Vanastasia,” her beautifully customized van that epitomizes the essence of modern van life with high-end finishes and smart solutions. After downsizing from a traditional home, Caitlin has embraced a simpler life on the road without sacrificing comfort or style. Discover how she has transformed her van into the best home she’s ever had, complete with luxurious amenities and ingenious modifications.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Gourmet Kitchen: Explore Caitlin’s kitchen, which features a quartz countertop identical to the one she had in her previous home, symbolizing her seamless transition to van life. The kitchen is equipped with a two-burner induction cooktop, an eco-friendly dishwasher, and a versatile toaster oven that eliminates the need for a microwave, keeping her meals nutritious. Living and Storage Spaces: Caitlin highlights the abundant storage across the van, including a full-size closet, innovative cabinetry, and even a hidden dishwasher that doubles as a drying rack. Every nook is utilized to ensure a clutter-free and functional living environment.

Tech-Smart Utilities: From USB-equipped power outlets to advanced water filtration systems, Caitlin’s van is designed for convenience and sustainability. She details the use of Quakehold gel to secure items in place, an uncommon but life-changing addition to her mobile home. Water Conservation: With a 32-gallon fresh water supply and her trusty Berkey filter, Caitlin is equipped for extensive travel, employing water-saving techniques like military showers to extend her independence on the road.


Energy Efficiency: Caitlin’s van boasts 200 watts of solar power and a secondary alternator, ensuring her energy needs are met responsibly. She also uses a high-capacity battery system to run her appliances efficiently, including a unique air conditioning setup that allows for comfort without the constant engine run.