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Woman’s Off-Grid Green Built Tiny House


This beautiful tiny house is constructed with a whole lot of heart and some wonderful sustainable materials. When Isabelle Nagel-Brice decided to build a tiny home for herself, she realised that for the cost of two years rent in Colorado she would be able to pay for the materials to build her own tiny home on wheels.

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The result of her efforts is an incredible green-built tiny home which has been constructed entirely of eco-friendly materials which can all be recycled or will bio degrade at the end of the buildings life. The home is designed to be off-the-grid, with solar panels soon to be added to her set-up and is packed full of reclaimed and healthy materials.

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With a background in permaculture and sustainable design, she set about constructing a tiny house that was not only a wonderful home but one that was packed full of eco-friendly, healthy home features. The home is designed to be off-the-grid ready, with solar panels soon to be added. It’s also incredibly well insulated and designed to be suitable for living in any climate zone. Colorado can get extremely cold, so constructing the home to be warm and comfortable was essential.


The tiny house kitchen is designed to be open to the downstairs area and has lots of bench-space. Isabelle plans to homestead in the future and so plenty of space which could be dedicated to not only cooking, but also canning and preservation of food was required.The bathroom has been designed to allow for a good sized bath tub, large enough for Isabelle to bath not only herself, but also her large dog who often needs a good bath after adventures in the Colorado wilderness.

A Natures Head composting toilet means that the home doesn’t need to worry about any black water. The toilet is designed to seperate liquids and solids and the constant 12v fan which runs inside the unit eliminates any potential odour from the bathroom.Upstairs, the sleeping loft is beautiful and cosy. Conscious of creating a healthy sleeping environment to match her home, Isabelle sleeps on an organic latex mattress which at only 7 inches also helps to give her lots of head room in the loft.