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Woman’s Self Built Dream Camper Van


Bella has been living a nomadic lifestyle since she was 3 years old. Her parents’ decision to leave their midwestern life behind and travel in RVs deeply influenced her. At 17, she decided to embrace the van life again and started saving for her own van. In May 2023, Bella found the perfect van on Facebook Marketplace, a 2018 Sprinter, and began her conversion journey.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Kitchen: Bella’s kitchen is super functional, featuring a pullout pantry, large drawers, and a magnetic spice rack. She loves baking and has ample space for her cooking essentials. Living Room: Designed to be light and airy, Bella’s living room serves as a dinette, workspace, and a comfortable seating area for hosting friends. Bedroom: Comfort is key in Bella’s bedroom. She has a full-size mattress with flares for extra space, allowing her to sleep sideways comfortably.

Natural light from multiple windows keeps the space bright and uplifting. Garage: Bella’s garage is designed to accommodate all her hobbies, including rock climbing, hiking, and surfing. It also houses her 33-gallon water tank and electrical system.


Building the Van: Bella spent 8 months converting her van with the help of her dad. Working 40-50 hours a week, she dedicated all her earnings to the build. The total cost of the conversion was around $26,000, ensuring that her van would be a comfortable and functional full-time home.

Power System: Batteries: 270 amp hours of lithium batteries Inverter Charger: 2,000 watts Charging Methods: Shore power, 370 watts of solar power, and an alternator charger