Home CONSTRUCTION Woman’s Single Level Off-Grid Tiny Home

Woman’s Single Level Off-Grid Tiny Home


Living off-grid in a tiny home is an increasingly popular lifestyle choice for those seeking to simplify their lives and reduce their living expenses. It involves living in a self-sufficient home that is not connected to the power grid, water supply, or sewage system.

source.image: Living Big In A Tiny House

Linda’s tiny home is absolutely spectacular and it’s perfectly suited to her. One of the huge benefits to designing and building your own home is that it gets to be sublimely matched to your character and this home is a wonderful example of just that. This house suits Linda to a T.

Upon entering inside, we come into the main living space, where the high ceilings provides a sense of openness that isn’t possible with conventional RVs. Solar powered and single level for future proofing, Linda has created this tiny house to be her forever home.


And to that end, it’s also a specky tiny house, with luxury choices made throughout the home to really make it special. We hope you enjoy the tour of this beautiful off-grid tiny home and the wonderful story of the woman who built