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Wood Burning with Lightning and Pepsi – Lichtenberg Figures

This experiment called Lichtenberg Figures. You need pepsi or water, baking soda and microwave own. Be extremly careful if you decide repeat rhis experiment! But I suggest you just watch and enjoy this video withour repeating it!

image credit: The Q

Ever heard of a Lichtenberg Figure? It’s the branching electrical discharge you can sometimes see on an insulating material… That’s right — when the voltage is high enough — it’ll find a way. Using one of our favorite low-cost high voltage transformers from a microwave, The Q shows us how to make our own Lichtenberg Figures!

It’s actually pretty easy. All you need is an old microwave, some plywood, and water/pepsi with baking soda mixed in. First, you’ll need to take the transformer out of the microwave — a simple hack we’ve covered many times before — you’ll need to wire it in a way that allows you to get a few thousand volts out of it.


Then by mixing baking soda in water/pepsi, you can increase the conductivity — let the wood soak it up overnight, and now you’re ready to go! By attaching the leads to either side of the wood, it’s now conductive enough to allow the electricity to branch across the wood, burning awesome patterns as it goes.This article is meant for educational purposes only.