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Wood Carving BMW 328 Hommage Model Car


In this video from ND – Woodworking Art youtube channel you’ll see a man start from scratch, with nothing but huge blocks of wood, and build a functioning BMW 328 Hommage.

source/image(PrtSc): ND – Woodworking Art

First, custom stencils for the body needed to be made before cutting the pieces of wood and assembling them using glue. The base, wheels, fascias, grilles, and BMW badge were then cut using material from discarded trees. Everything is made by hand.

Even the functioning steering rack is a remarkable feature, and the creation should last a long time thanks to bearings and shafts that look very strong.When finished, he was able to drive it around, with functioning headlights and taillights, and even pick his son up in it.


Of course, it’s a bit small, it’s powered by a very small electric motor, and it’s made from flipping wood, so it’s not going to go very far, nor very fast. Initially, the wooden BMW was left just like the other cars of the artist, with its natural wooden look.//ND – Woodworking Art