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Wood Carving Special Edition Tesla Model 3


This video showcases the process of crafting a wooden model of the Tesla Model 3 car. From cutting, sanding, and assembling, you’ll witness skilled craftsmen creating a unique replica of this famous electric car, bringing together a wonderful blend of creativity and craftsmanship.

source.image: Woodworking Art

The proportions, details, and scaling feel spot-on but what is most impressive is the craftsmanship it took to get those details right. It took many hours to create the car from scratch, all from wood.Everything begins with drawing the necessary shapes and cutting them off from a plain block of wood.

Then the artist starts chiseling around to get the exact pattern that he needs before he starts the actual build.Body panels come out of his hands one by one, and he puts them together.The artist uses bolts and springs to install the axles of the car.


The wheels and tires, constructed via a makeshift drill lathe, resemble the Teslas’s own as close as you could expect for being wood, and they hide bearings that allow the wood Tesla Model 3 to roll. It has a cool subframe that hides legit control arms and little springs, enabling it to turn and have a working suspension. Too bad it doesn’t have little functional Fox shocks to replicate the real things! The body lines are legit, and the Ford grille is the spot on.