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Woodcarving Upgraded Version Of Toyota Land Cruiser LC300


The upgraded version of the Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 – Woodworking Art.After the success of the standard Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 version, I have plans to upgrade it to a premium customized version to make the vehicle look more rugged and appealing.

source.image: Woodworking Art

Customizing the car is a great way to personalize and optimize the Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 according to individual preferences and usage requirements. As seen in the video atop this page, the process was tedious. The front and rear fascias did come with a lot of details, like the meshed grille and other non-straight lines – all of which the artist was able to capture in his work.

We definitely love the movable parts involved, such as the doors, hood, trunk, side mirrors, and wheels. Even the interior was crafted to perfection.


Small jig blocks and a hand clamp were crucial tools to keep parts of the construction in place, while a jigsaw helped to do most of the bulk shape cutting, with some power tools assisting with finishes. From the front grille, to the tyre treads, and all the badging across the SUV, it’s obvious that this isn’t this dude’s first attempt at an scale vehicle.