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Wooden Model Ferrari SF90 Spider Car Woodworking Art


Youtube channel Woodworking Art, built a wooden replica of the Ferrari SF90 Spider. The toy car took 25 days to be built completely,however, what is surprising is the fully functioning and operable parts of the miniature model.

source/image(PrtSc): Woodworking Art

Ferrari SF90 Spider 2022 – wooden car I built this time will have a few differences. I would love to know more your opinion on this car.The model also comes with moving parts, which makes it even more special.

The wheels are working, and so are the suspensions at the front and at the back. The steering’s working as well, while the hood, engine cover, and doors all open up. Even the driver’s seat slides into position.


The roof of this wooden scale model can be retracted folded and stowed into hiding, reveals the video. The Ferrari SF90 Spider is Woodworking Art’s latest art piece, carved of Fujian cypress wood with a glossy coating. It is the timber used for all his wooden cars./Woodworking Art

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