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World’s First 3D Printed Public Park


An American company by the name of Advanced Intelligent Construction Technology (AICT), has designed and built the World’s First 3D Printed Public Park, located at the Shenzhen International Convention & Exhibition Center in China.

source/image(PrtSc): Wonder World

The finished park consists of more than 2,000 concrete pieces, including various sculptures, benches, flower beds, retaining walls, and curbs.The overall cost for the 55000 square feet park is less than $650k.

It only took 2 months from start to finish to finish, which is cheaper, faster, and better quality for such a complex design.The overall theme of the park with all of the wavy lines and paths is supposed to represent the flow of a river.


The purpose of the park is to showcase the 3D concrete printing technology, with an end result, of a park that is not only state of the art in its speed, construction and affordability to make, but is also aesthetically pleasing, with an attractive, elegant, and futuristic look./Wonder World

VIAWonder World
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