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World’s First Aerial 360 Video Over North Korea 2017

Ever wondered what North Korea looks like from above? Singaporean photographer Aram Pan flew over the North Korean capital with a 360 camera attached to the bottom of a microplane.

image/text credit: nknewsorg

But visit the country as many times as Aram Pan, a Singaporean photographer, and they’re likely to eventually give you something new to photograph.

In a recent visit to North Korea in September, Pan was given an exclusive chance to take his camera on a microlight flight over the city, filming both with a 360° camera and snapping regular photos.


Navigate the streets and landmarks of Pyongyang from this never-before-seen angle, in this exclusive 360 video.The result is a genuinely unique view of North Korea’s capital seen from all angles, and eagle-eyed viewers can spot everything from new construction to secretive ruling party buildings.