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Worlds First Automatic Drive-Thru Refuelling Car System

Fuelmatics provides the worlds first automatic Drive-Thru system for refuelling of passenger cars and SUV:s. It is fast, clean, convenient and environmental friendly.

source/image(PrtSc): Fuelmatics

The refuelling is made in a closed fuel transfer system without any vapor or spill on ground. As the system fills the car much faster, it gives the retailers an increased capacity to serve more cars.

At the same time the concept provides the best possible customer experience since the full service. Drivers loves Drive-Thru refuelling!


Drive-Thru refueling answers the increasing demand for a comfortable, automated driver experience. No need to leave the car or open windows. Furthermore, the refueling takes less than half the time.The fuelmatics system offers a modern in app-payment system. Just pull up to the unit, click a few times in the app and let the machine take care of the rest. The app even handles the payment and sends the receipt by email.