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World’s First Autonomous Racing Series – DevBot 2.0


This is Roborace’s Season Alpha. After years of testing and development our all-electric, autonomous DevBot 2.0 platform is ready to race. Here’s what to expect from the world’s first AI racing series! Roborace is the world’s first competition for human + AI teams, using both self-driving and manually-controlled cars.

source/image(PrtSc): Roborace

Race formats will feature new forms of immersive entertainment to engage the next generation of racing fans. Through sport, innovations in machine-driven technologies will be accelerated.Roborace will redefine the way you think about autonomous technology.

The primary purpose of the DevBot is to allow teams to develop their software and experience the hardware that will be used on the “Robocar”.


Unlike the Robocar the DevBot has a cabin that can be driven by a human or a computer allowing teams to fully understand how the car thinks and feels on a racetrack alongside the comprehensive real-time data.