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World’s First Farm That Uses Seawater and Solar Power to Grow Crops

Existing farming practices are unsustainable.Yet by 2050 rising populations will see a 50% increase in food demand. Climate change is increasing the number and the severity of catastrophic weather events. And water scarcity is becoming more acute in arid regions.

image credit: SundropFarmsTV

Instead of soil, pesticides, fossil fuels and groundwater, Sundrop Farms uses only solar power and desalinated seawater to grow tomatoes across 49 acres. The water is pumped into the facility from the Spencer Gulf about 1.2 miles away where it is desalinated to water the farm’s 180,000 tomato plants.

We need to look at alternative ways to create energy and to produce food. That’s no longer a preferred option but a necessity.Fortunately however, things are starting to change.


Sundrop have transformed agriculture.We are showing the world that you can grow delicious, mouthwatering produce without needing fossil fuels, vast amounts of fresh water and thousands of acres of cultivated farmland. In other words, we are breaking farming’s dependence on finite resources.

Sundrop technology doesn’t exploit nature, it works in harmony with it.We use it to harvest solar power to supply us with energy. Hydroponic greenhouses that don’t use soil encourage the plants we grow to flourish. Water treatment creates fresh water from the sea or brackish sources to irrigate our crops.

All we need is sun and seawater to grow food all year round. With no need to rely on the weather or soil quality, our methods provide economic and community benefits, and are better for the planet too.That’s called a triple bottom line. We call it making everyone a winner.