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World’s First Fully Electric Cafe Racer Scooter

This is us back in the days, three brothers that have one great thing in common and that is Cafe racer bikes and there is one thing that never changed since that day in 1977.Rumble Motors presents a new cutting edge design and technology electric scooter.

image/text credit: rumble-motors

The design and shape is inspired from a Cafe Racer bike, this is when the past meets the future of electric bikes.Taking inspiration from a vintage classic, this personal vehicle has all the modern features you need with some serious style. The cutting-edge design is where the future meets the past.

image/text credit: rumble-motors

The Rumble E-Bike has a powerful 1500W motor to really get you going. In fact, you can reach speeds of up to 44mph.In addition, a fully charged battery will propel you a full 50 miles.


It’s perfect for weekend adventures or even your daily commute. With a 3-4-hour charge time, you can hit the road in no time. You can complete the look with the Rumble Helmet as well as with the Rumble Sunglasses.

The scooter, which weighs 231 pounds , is powered by a 60V lithium ion battery pack, which feeds the 1500W rear hub motor and turns the 110/70R-12 wheels to speeds up to 44 mph.