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World’s First Hybrid Amphibious ‘Aeroboat’ Shreds Waves Near Moscow

The world’s first hybrid aeroboat was put through its paces on the waters of the Pirogovsky Yacht Club, just north of Moscow, Wednesday.The vessel was designed and built by IIAAT Holding, a joint venture between Russia’s International Institute for Advanced Aerospace Technologies and Indian firm Millennium Aerodynamics, with the support of the Skolkovo Foundation. via(Ruptly TV)

Photo Credit:: IIAAT Holding

The airboat’s dynamic air-cushion makes it faster and more manoeuvrable than a traditional hovercraft, while its hybrid engine means it can run on petrol or electricity, making it more environmentally-friendly and efficient.Its ability to traverse water, land, ice, sand and swampland means it can be used in disaster management, recreation and business.

Photo Credit:: IIAAT Holding

Five units have been exported to India for use in transportation and search and rescue. Current models have room for up to 10 passengers and a top speed on water of around 150 km/h (93 mp/h).


“The Aeroboat is also more robust than hovercrafts, and with estimated maintenance costs of $400-$600 per year, is cheaper to maintain and fuel,” Sharan said.

Unlike hovercrafts, aeroboats are cheaper to maintain and fuel. The aeroboat “hybrid” engine is capable of running on either petrol or electricity, thus helping in reducing the carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency.