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World’s First Wind Turbine With Solar Panels Into Its Blades


Soleolico was presented on October 6th at the Palacio de la Magdalena in Santander (Spain) as a unique renewable energy generation technology in the world. It’s a pioneering and revolutionary solution in the field of renewable energy, combining wind and solar energy production, and it is destined to play a fundamental role in the global energy transition.

source.image: Soleolico

Soleolico is the world’s first wind turbine that integrates photovoltaic panels into its blades. It presents a disruptive technology with international patents that combines wind, solar, and storage generation in a single system, providing “green” energy 24 hours a day.

Additionally, Soleolico incorporates a unique coating with patented technology, composed of natural agents, that absorbs and transforms CO2, “cleaning” the air we breathe.


Soleolico is the world’s “First Technological Tree”, coexisting harmoniously with its surroundings, generating clean energy with minimal impact, and eliminating greenhouse gases.

Its wind capacity is distinctive, with performance up to 25% higher than current wind turbines, resulting in higher profitability with a similar investment. Additionally, when installed alongside other Soleolico units, the feedback effect between them can increase performance by around 15%.