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Worlds Largest JUNKERS JU-52 Rc Airplane – Terrible Ending

The JU 52 pre-war Passenger, freight and military transport plane was built as a Giant very large model by Hannes Heppe.The Junkers Ju-52 is affectionately called “Aunt Ju” and came originally from the Junkers Flugzeugwerke AG in Dessau. Originally designed as a cargo plane, the Ju-52 was later used primarily as a commercial airliner.

source/image: RCHeliJet

The model weight is 98.4 kg and wingspan is 6.09 meter!Powered by 3 Moki 5 cylinder Radial 4-Stroke gas engines it flys – as you will see – realistically & the Sound of the Engines,fantastic. Close Overflight.

However, no amount of money could save the plane from what was coming next when it lifted off, appearing to struggle with the wind before gravity got the best of it and took it down like a bag full of marbles.


From what we’ve been told, the pilot became disoriented when the plane turned around, reversing the controls, and thus heading straight into the ground to create a rather large and fiery hole!RC airplane crashes are all part of the hobby, and you need to write off a few planes now and again – it makes you a better rc pilot (so I’ve heard.)