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World’s Smallest Fully Cast Fiberglass Teardrop Camper


Raidhoo Tundra is a compact molded in one piece of fiberglass teardrop camper specially made for extreme Norwegian conditions and Winter insulated: Perfect for camping all year round! Molded in one piece = No water penetration! Raidhoo is the only Norwegian caravan brand.

source.image: Bobilagenten AS

Solar panel, battery, 12v system, 230v system, USB connections, toilet, compressor cooler, reading lamps and lights with dimming, cooking top, roof rack, Porta potti toilet, diesel heater and inflatable tent are some of the equipment included! It can be towed with a normal class B driver’s license, so you do NOT need the tow tag here! With a total weight of 750 kg, it can also be pulled by almost every car, including electric cars!

Perfect for electric cars such as Tesla Model S/3/X/Y, Volkswagen ID.4/ID.5/ID.7, Polestar, BMW IX/i4/iX3, Audi E-Tron, Skoda Enyaq, Volvo XC40/C40, Hyundai Ioniq 6, Ford Mustang Mach-E, Jaguar I-PACE, Kia EV6, Mercedes-Benz EQS/EQE/EQA among many more that all pull this.


The most important reason why many choose this type of carriage is that you can be more spontaneous and go to new places without much preparation. It is particularly suitable for active outdoorsmen who engage in cycling, climbing, hunting and fishing, and other outdoor activities. These ingenious caravans are often called teardrop campers, mini campers and egg campers. An inflatable tent is also included, with only one inflation point. The tent is 250 cm X 300 cm, + channel over kitchen 140 cm.