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Worlds Smallest Running V8 Hand Started Small V8 Engine

The hobby of mini engine building has taken scaled creations to an extreme. These mini engines are so detailed, in fact, that sometimes nothing except perspective allows us to differentiate between the mini engines and the real thing!

image credit:  James Peter

Today, we check out the engine that claims to be “Smaller than the smallest engine in the world,” thus taking over the title! Believe it or not, this hand started 44cc engine has just a 3/4″ bore and 3/4″ stroke!

Check out the video below that is a homemade design based off of a classic American muscle v8. Most impressively, very few traditional parts were purchased as most were machined by the creator.


The V8 is basically two parallel inline-four engines sharing a common crankshaft. However, this simple configuration, with a flat- or single-plane crankshaft, has the same secondary dynamic imbalance problems as two straight-4s, resulting in vibrations in large engine displacements.