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World’s Smallest Toy Shotgun, That Actually Shoots!

No matter where you go, it always feels good to be prepared. But, packing around a shotgun is not easy. Imagine if you could fit a shotgun into your pocket. Check out an amazing video of a functioning micro shotgun that you can fit into your pocket.

image/text credit: Experimental Fun

In this video I modify a toy cap gun, I do not recommend that anyone should try to do this, I drilled out the barrel and made a new cap loader to direct the blast force down the barrel.

I used epoxy putty to seal up all the gaps and form a slot to hold the cap loader, I also made the bullets out of epoxy putty.The gun worked great and was very accurate.


This tiny shotgun might be a useful tool against fruit flies, but it’s probably better left as a conversation piece for collectors.This Video is for Educational and Demonstration purposes only!