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World’s Steepest Funicular Railway Opens In Switzerland

The new funicular railway running to the Swiss mountain village of Stoos is the steepest of its kind in the world. Replacing an older route dating from 1933, the new track is powered by custom-made ABB motors, as well as traction components and cabling.

image credit: DFX SWISS

The line climbs 743 metres over a span of 1738m. At one point it has to move at a nearly 48-degree angle to climb 110m while travelling only 100m horizontally.Passengers are able to keep standing up straight because the hydraulically-controlled floors in the barrel-shaped cars automatically remain level during the four-minute trip.via(stuff).

The Stoosbahn was opened on Friday (local time) by Swiss President Doris Leuthard, who cut a ribbon and then was a passenger in the inaugural ride. It was a “pure thrill” she said afterwards.


“We did not set out to build a world record-breaking railway,” project manager Bruno Lifart told Swiss national broadcaster SRF. Alternatives turned out to be impractical, and rebuilding the already existing line would have cut off Stoos for at least two years.via(ABB).

The three tunnels along the route were reportedly the main reasons for the project falling behind schedule. The Stoosbahn took over as the world’s steepest funicular from the nearby Luzerner Hausberg Pilatus, which was built in 1889.