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World’s Toughest Motorcycle Lock” vs. Ramset Gun

Not much can withstand the force of a Ramset!A Ramset is a tool used for attaching wood or other materials to concrete. This is a bad-ass tool that has some crazy power and uses a .22 caliber round to put a nail into concrete. It’s by far one of the more dangerous tools on a job site.

image/text credit: LockPickingLawyer

This is a solid bike lock just by the looks of it you can tell it would be a force to reckon with if you’re trying to steal a bike. Well, it is no match for the Ramset it blows through it like it was nothing.Though we must admit that the lock does indeed look robust and has many features on it that other such locks do not have, it simply had no chance against the Ramset.

Check out this video to see how a Ramset powder actuated nail gun will do the job. I guess that the idea here is to try and figure out which lock is the strongest of the strong by putting it through tests like this.



With just one hit the power tool managed to find its way into fully rupturing the motorcycle to pieces. Now we know that not even the world`s toughest lock could not withstand the Ramset and its power.