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X1 Wind’s PivotBuoy Floating Wind Platform


The PivotBuoy floating wind platform technology has proved to overcome harsh storms while producing energy. The most severe storm faced by the platform took place in December 27th, 2022, and had the following characteristics: Hs = 3,78 m. Hmax = 6,72 m (equivalent to Hmax = 20,16 m for an equivalent 1:1 scale platform). Wind speed max. = 18 m/s. During that extreme day, the X30 floating platform behaved very well, with pitch and roll angles mostly below 4 degrees.

source.image: X1 Wind

On May 9th, before the scheduled end of the project, the X30 part-scale floating wind platform overcame another storm while producing energy, and successfully proved (again) its technology in a harsh environment.

The storm had the following characteristics:.Hs = 2,6 m. Hmax = 4,7 m (equivalent to Hmax = 14,1 m for an equivalent 1:1 scale platform). The floating wind prototype demonstrated excellent stability throughout challenging weather conditions being able to operate without needing to adapt the V29 turbine controller.


This performances serves as a strong validation of our technology. It further bolsters our confidence as we continue to develop pre-commercial and commercial-scale platforms.