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XPENG AEROHT eVTOL Flying Car Prototype


Supercar design with foldable flight system with dual-mode cockpit for land and air travel.This product continues to build upon the previous two years of innovation, with further refinements. Components such as manipulator arms, rotor systems, and other flight features can be effortlessly folded and stored within the vehicle.

source.image: XPENG AEROHT

The design exudes a supercar style, featuring an intelligent cockpit that seamlessly switches between land and flight modes, adapting components like the steering wheel and dashboard according to the selected mode.

The main feature of this prototype is the rotors that sit on its roof. It has a total of eight rotors attached to a frame. These elements have visible hinges. They can probably fold.Xpeng shared that its flying car will weigh about 1,000 kg.This flying prototype still looks far from the production model.


Safety remains paramount in aviation. In addition to unveiling the latest flying car products, XPENG AEROHT showcased significant advancements in safety technology. The latest modular flying car’s air module features a 6-axis, 6-rotor configuration and incorporates two innovative reversible ducts.

In case of rotor failure, the flight control system can make millisecond-level algorithm adjustments, ensuring the aircraft’s continued safe operation. This impressive capability, coupled with a thrust-to-weight ratio exceeding 2, enables the aircraft to maintain safe flight even after losing two of its six rotors, meeting the stringent safety standards required for civil aviation.