Home Technology Yamaha XV920 Virago Cafe Racer Battle by Moose Motodesign

Yamaha XV920 Virago Cafe Racer Battle by Moose Motodesign

One of the eternal fights of good and evil, which we were able to capture on our cameras. You have the opportunity to see the confrontation of two great motorcycles designed by Tom Mosse – a specialist in this type of things.

source/image(PrtSc): Moose Motodesign

Picking two Yamaha Virago XV920 motorcycles as the starting point for the project, one made in 1982 and the other in 1983.Both moose XV920 motorcycles appear with an aggressive, muscular silhouette.

This is showcased by the raw, elegant seats in italian tan leather, which cantilever and extend the dynamically flowing body line onward from the raised tank. The focus of these bikes is firmly on the engines, with few other components, the shining engines take the spotlight.



Two powerful V-twins sparkling from under the flowing shape of the black and white bodies.The upper triples have been modified and integrated with specially designed casings for the Koso Pro digital dash. The ignition switch has been moved and rethought so that it fits into the standard frame opening.