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Yoga Causes “Demonic Possession”, According To The Vatican’s Chief Exorcist

Father Chad Ripperger a full time Catholic Exorcist on the practice of yoga and demonic possession…you play with fire and you will get burnt !Father Cesare Truqui, the Vatican’s chief exorcist, says he has seen a worrying rise in the society of demonic possessions and believes he has the answer.

image credit: generationexorcist

Apparently, there are many things we do normally and we do not know what causes us to be possessed by demons. These things that we do with good intentions and that can be fatal, according to the exorcist, are as normal as watching Harry Potter movies or -attention- to practice yoga.

According to Truqui, practices like yoga do more than attract the satanic spirits that could end up entering our body. The explanation – to call it somehow – that has given is that yoga originated to worship the Hindu gods in antiquity, which were attracted by the unique postures that were performed.


Instead, in Catholicism and Christianity, what we are attracting with such postures are demonic spirits.To deal with this increase in demonic possessions, Father Cesare Truqui organized a meeting in Rome attended by other Catholic authorities and also by Professor Giuseppe Ferrari.

In this emergency meeting to curb the increase in possessions, the guests named other factors that are helping to increase the number of demonic possessions. For example, admire wizards like Harry Potter or see such series as True Bood or The Vampire Diaries, where “demonic characters” are portrayed as human beings with superpowers, as well as being handsome and attractive.