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Yoro Park – The Site Of Reversible Destiny

Nestled in the side of Japan’s Yoro Mountains is a park plucked straight out of Wonderland. Filled with mind-bending sculptures and intricate labyrinths meant to challenge perceptions, the space is one part theme park and one part art installation.

image credit: great big story

Visitors are encouraged to approach the site with the mindset of a child: to climb, be curious and discover different perspectives. Step through the looking glass and explore with us.

image credit: archeyes

The Site of Reversible Destiny is an “experience park” opened in 1995 designed by Nagoya-born, New York-based artist Arakawa Shusaku and his wife and artistic partner, poet Madeline Gins.


The theme of the park is “encountering the unexpected,” spreading across about 18,000 square meters. The artist Shusaku Arakawa and poet Madeline Gins realized  here their bold and reckless 30-year vision.

The site consists of a main pavilion called the “Critical Resemblance House” and the vast bowl-like “Elliptical Field“.There are pieces that will make you lose your sense of balance and perspective. Since you will move a lot in this garden, you can rent a helmet and running shoes at the reception.