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You Won’t Believe Everything This Tiny Loft Can Do



Donnie and Nicole Chiu-Wang loved the location of their San Francisco studio, but they desperately needed to make its 537 square feet feel more spacious. To do that, they turned their attention to the 13-foot ceiling.

image/text credit: HouzzTV

Having watched online videos of cleverly designed moving walls in small New York City apartments, they thought that there must be a way to use their space more efficiently too.

image/credit: HouzzTV

Donnie reached out to an architect friend, who offered to take on the dilemma with another friend.


The pair came up with a prefabricated multipurpose loft that freed up square footage, and includes two beds, a stand-up desk, a dining table and plenty of storage.

When you think about it, it’s not the square footage that makes a living space cramped up or comfortable, it’s what you do with it. You can have a huge apartment that can suffocate you with clutter and bad design solutions, but then you can also have something like this.