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Youabian Puma $1.1m 505hp LS7 V8 Giant Car


The Youabian Puma was unveiled at last year’s Los Angeles Auto Show but came out to Supercar Sunday to display amongst others.The Youabian Puma’s design was based on feedback from many wealthy individuals around the world who wanted something different and unique.

image: Shmee150

The car was created by cosmetic surgeon, Kami Youabian and features a 7.0-liter V8 LS7 engine from General Motors, developing 505 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque.

image: Pinterest

The car has four-wheel-drive, a six-speed automatic transmission, with a totally bespoke body it certainly stands out.


The Puma is for sale for $1.1m, in fact a few have already been built, riding on gigantic tyres and featuring the roof mechanism from a Volvo C70.

The Puma is big huge, actually,the car stands at 72 inches tall, 93 inches wide and 242 inches long.The wheels of the car are a massive 44-inches and the chrome alloys are 20-inches in size.The Puma is loaded with all sorts of creature comforts on the inside.