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Young Couple’s Extraordinary Mobile Bus Home


Join Tyme and Andy as they invite you into their extraordinary mobile home, the Sun Chaser Schoolie, a 35 ft long school bus with a significant 19-inch roof raise. This bus conversion isn’t just a means of transportation; it’s a fully-functional, cozy living space tailored to their unique needs and tastes.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Step into the Sun Chaser’s kitchen, a thoughtfully designed area that’s one of their favorite spaces. It features a full-size fridge, a propane stove and oven chosen for their culinary passion, and a convenient induction burner for multitasking. Not to forget their beloved beast blender and prized coffee machine, ensuring their mornings start right. Underneath, you’ll find a washer and dryer combo, proving that compact living doesn’t mean sacrificing essentials.

The kitchen boasts ample storage, including unfinished upper cabinets (suggestions welcome in the comments!), a deep storage sink, and various cabinets housing pots, pans, and an air fryer. One unique feature is the diesel heater placed strategically under the dry storage. Discover their innovative dining area, with a table that pops out seamlessly, doubling as an entryway desk space. The collapsible captain’s chair adds to the area’s flexibility, making room for guests or extra activities. Though currently without a couch, this space in the Sun Chaser Schoolie awaits the perfect find to complete their cozy living area.


A wooden ladder offers easy access to the roof for peaceful morning routines. The room includes extensive clothing storage, a mantle for books, and an EcoFlow Wave 2 air conditioner for comfort. With an initial bus cost of $5,000 and approximately $20,000 in conversions, their total investment hovers under $30,000. The Sun Chaser Schoolie is not just a living space but also a tool for saving money, despite fluctuating gas prices. Discover the bus’s unique power setup, including a 200 amp solar battery, a 3,000W inverter, portable power stations, and a 5,000-watt generator. The bus has a 50-gallon freshwater tank and a 40-gallon Blackwater tank, making it self-sufficient for days.