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Young Family Yurt Life and Permaculture In High Sierra

In this weeks episode we travel into the High Sierra region of California to visit a dynamic young family who are living big in a yurt home on their 30 acre homestead / permaculture property.

source/image(PrtSc): Living Big In A Tiny House

Traditionally used by nomads in Central Asia, yurts are much less common in the west, however these well insulated, portable structures are certainly starting to become a popular option amongst those seeking an affordable, alternative home.//Living Big In A Tiny House

Brett and Beth together with their son Sequoia have established a beautiful lifestyle in their yurt and on their land, where they grow food, live (almost) off the grid and are working on regenerating the land through permaculture.


The couple has done a fabulous job of transforming the yurt into a comfortable home. There’s a big kitchen with lots of space for food preporation and preservation (a true homestead essential), space for Sequoia to play, a super comfortable lounge around a wood-stove and work spaces for their online enterprise.read more (livingbiginatinyhouse)