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Z-Scooter Self-Balancing Electric Vintage Looking Scooter


Z-Scooter is the first self-balancing scooter inspired by Corradino D’Ascanio original design.An aesthetic vision that has endured over time and that could also be designing the new future.Enjoy driving a vintage vehicle with zero emissions.The scooter is designed by Barcelona-based Bel & Bel Studio.

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Using high quality materials and a solid structure Z-Scooter easily handles different situations. Z-Scooter can be disassembled in two pieces for easy transport and storage. Its compact size makes our scooter a solid alternative amongst other brands.

Z-Scooter is equipped with a TESLA Model S super lithium battery, 50% more powerful than the regular one. It means that you can drive all day and all night long. It is also is fitted with a touch activated adjustable light system. The Z- Scooter can travel up to 30km at a safe speed of 20km/h.


Learning to drive is just about minutes. Z-Scooter acts intuitively following your body movements. Our self-balancing vehicle is powerful enough to drive through different grounds: urban pavement, road, grass and any uneven surface. Michelin vibration reduction technology tyres assures a smashing driving experience.via/read more: z-scooter

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