Hilarious Dwarf Mongoose Plays/Fakes Dead When Faced With Hornbill



Young dwarf mongoose fakes a death faint when faced with a yellow billed hornbill.This hornbill is so confused after a young mongoose repeatedly fakes its death right in front of him.

source/image: safariLIVE

“I’m dead!… just kidding! Okay but for real look I’m dead…. alive! Are you watching?!”In the Safari Live video, the mongoose approaches the hornbill only to turn around and faint, appearing to fake its death while lying on its back.

This goes on hilariously multiple times, although the hornbill seems nonplussed by the mongoose’s efforts.The bird, it should be noted, does not seem impressed.


Scientists have documented many different species that “play dead,” including beetles, opossums, and snakes. The behavior, also known as thanatosis, is a strategy to trick predators into thinking their potential prey has expired.