JetPack Aviation JB11 – The World’s Only Fully Functional Jetpack With Six Engines



JetPack Aviation has developed what’s said to be the world’s only true jetpack. JetPack Aviation, the firm behind the ‘world’s only true jetpack,’ has unveiled its latest prototype at CES in Las Vegas.

source: dailymail / image: JetPack Aviation

The team showed off a massive new design geared toward short, fast trips using six turbo jet engines to travel over 150 miles an hour.

source/image: fb/JetPack Aviation

The JB-11 takes safety to the next level, as well as speed and power. Using three smaller turbojet engines per side instead of just one.

The James Bond style jetpack isn’t meant to be used by just anybody, though.Instead, it would likely be used by the military for ultra-fast transport./newatlas


But more importantly, it’s now got auto-stabilization tech built in, and in the event of engine failure, it can automatically re-balance the thrust to keep a pilot from spiraling into a messy doom.

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