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1/3 Scale V10 Hybrid RC Car Dyno Run


Built by youtuber Keith57000 this impressive hybrid RC car is built around a custom 125 cc V10 engine.The rest of the car is just as impressive as the engine.

source/image(PrtSc): Keith57000

The chassis is bent tube with machined brackets and carbon fiber suspension. The car is alos equiped with two electric skateboard motors which are placed there to give it a bit more power to the car. The car has alos a custom built thee speed gearbox.

Most 125cc engines we see are single-cylinder units in entry-level motorbikes, but what you see here is no ordinary 125. It’s a hand-crafted V10, with sequential fuel injection, dry-sump lubrication and a triple-plate clutch, and yes, it runs. Keith5700 spent 2,500 hours by his own estimation to build a fully functioning V10 engine with a 125-cubic-centimeter displacement.


Latest developments on the car front. I was hoping it would be a dyno success, but it turns out there is still some work to do. Anyway, it sounds nice with the headphones on!Edit:- When I’m using the O2 sensor I put an extension pipe on. I know it wouldn’t work very well without itALSO, I’ve found a serious restriction in the intake system, so I’ve sorted that, so just need to do something with the slipping clutch.//Keith57000