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10.000 Liters Of Water a Day From The Fog In Lima, Peru!!

The Creating Water Foundation implements a low-tech solution to create a safe and sustainable source of water.”Our simple yet innovative water harvesting solution captures water from the fog and provides a sustainable source of water.” The technique is simple: let the wind push fog through nets that collect droplets, allowing the liquid to drip down into tubes to be piped to nearby villages.///creatingwater

source/image(PrtSc): Creating Water Foundation

Capturing water from the fog in Lima, Peru. Peru is our first country of operation and Lima serves as our proof of concept. The climate in Lima is very good for this solution and problems with water are huge.

In Lima, one out of every five families doesn’t have access to safe drinking water! Creating Water worked together with almost 500 families on the installation of 60 fogcatchers.


Together they can capture up to 10.000 liters per day! The families we work with, start to improve their lives by building their own fogfarm. We support them by financing the materials, ​training on fogfarm technology, urban agriculture and water utilization.