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Amazing Swimming Pool With Movable Wooden Deck Floor

Agor creative engineering present: Movable wooden deck floor. Planning on having a swimming pool, but you wonder how to utilize your backyard or terrace with a limited space? Having doubts how is it possible leaving your children home alone around open swimming pool?

source/image(PrtSc): Agor Engineering

Custom designed to meet any architectural or structural requirements, AGOR’s moveable floors for swimming pools are designed and manufactured to enable full architectural flexibility. Agor’s moveable floors offer two key features – a water-based hydraulic system and a stainless steel floor.read more: agor-eng

The rigid floor completely covers the swimming pool and the water is inaccessible, guaranteeing maximum safety with a secure, highly-durable surface, giving you peace of mind.AGOR’s moveable floor for swimming pools is based on next generation technology, innovative design concept and custom manufacturing.


When fully deployed, the system is able to support nearly three times the average (kg. per sq.m.) load.Once installed, the converted space results in a uniquely strong, durable and reliable swimming pool cover, safe and resilient surface for any type of recreational or social event.