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The Robird – A Robotic Falcon Bird Designed To Scare Real Birds

The Robotic Falcon Bird developed by Clear Flight Solutions is a truly unique remotely controlled robotic bird of prey, with the realistic appearance and weight of its living counterpart. Robird® uses flapping wing flight as a means of propulsion, with a flight performance comparable to real birds.

source/image(PrtSc): Clear Flight Solutions

Based on nature itself, the Robird® offers new and exciting possibilities in bird control. By triggering the instinct of birds, through the combination of silhouette and wing movement, chasing off birds becomes fully controllable. We make sure that the man on the ground is in control of what happens in the air.

We have developed two types of Robird®: the falcon, which can be used to chase off birds up to 3kg, and the eagle to chase away any type of bird.The peregrine falcon robot has a wing span of 120 cm or 47 inches and can reach speeds of 80 km/h.


There is, however, an even more frightening eagle model that reaches 220 cm or 86 in in wing span.Airports, harbours, agricultural- and waste management sites are places where birds are neither safe nor welcome.

The only effective and lasting way to remove birds is by introducing a natural enemy and creating a system surrounding this predator. Our Robird looks and flies like a real bird. Its presence triggers the instinctive behaviour of other birds and is therefore highly effective in bird control.