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10Kw Free Energy Generator with Microwave Parts


By turning the small microwave motor we generate a 220v single-phase current that feeds the motor stator. A three-phase asynchronous motor with microwave parts generates 230vAC and has a maximum power of 10KW.

source.image: Hidden Technology

In turn, the motor stator generates a rotating magnetic field that is transmitted through the metal bar to the coils of the microwave transformers. Watch the video experiment from Hidden Technology:

These coils generate 220vAC, and also have microwave magnets that help amplify the current flow. The video states that the incorporation of microwave parts is necessary for a three-phase asynchronous motor to generate power.


The two coils of the transformers are connected in parallel with each other and also in parallel with the motor stator and with the sockets, so that they continue to feed back into the circuit and we can use the excess current that is generated. Disclaimer: This experiment is done by a professional on a controlled environment, please don’t try this at home, electricity is dangerous.