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10Kw Infinite Single and Three Phase Energy Generator 230V


A 10Kw infinite energy generator, single and three Phase 230V built by Hidden Technology youtube channel.We continue working on our projects, and this is one of the most interesting because we have manufactured the first perpetual energy generator that is capable of producing three-phase electric current.

source.image: Hidden Technology

This is very important for the industrial sector since if it is carried out on a large scale, factories could also work with free electricity. Our Liberty Engine 1.1 three-phase generator is an improved version of its predecessor Liberty Engine 1.0.

We have manufactured a perfectly balanced rotor, we have replaced the belt transmission with a direct transmission with an elastic coupler to reduce noise and vibrations, and thus increase its performance.


We have added rubber feet to the structure and a manual starting system with which we will start our generator more easily, and it will be more stable and quiet. It also incorporates a Schuko plug socket and a 16A three-phase power socket to be able to connect all types of electrical appliances and machines. It’s really a marvel of science! Disclaimer: Electricity can be dangerous, this is done by a professional – don’t try this at home.