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Hybrid-Electric Sixth-Generation Flying Car Concept


Xpeng AeroHT revealed its flying vehicle concept, a hybrid-electric Flying Car, a roadable and flying VTOL vehicle. While relatively few details of the aircraft’s technical specifications have been made available, the vehicle uses a pair of rotors for lift and for ground travel, the vehicle would operate in a very similar fashion to a sports car.

source.image: XPENG AEROHT

Equipped with both manual and automatic flight driving modes, this next-generation electric flying car, which is able to drive in the air and on roads, represents a true transformation from two-dimensional to three-dimensional mobility. As well as meeting daily travel demands, it can trigger the folding deformation system to achieve vertical take-off and landing for a low-altitude manned flight.

The flying ccar has two electric motors for the propellers and is powered by hybrid-electric power source. It is unknown if the car uses electric motors for ground travel. There is a wide canopy over the cockpit for excellent views on the ground or in the air.


The fuselage is made from carbon fiber composite material for a high strength and low weight ratio. The rotors fold into the craft, reducing its profile when driving. The aircraft lands on its four road tires for landing gear. According to the company in early 2021, this is a 6th generation vehicle and the company also announced that serial production is expected in 2024.