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Custom Kymera Chevy 4X4 Off-Road Monster


TRANSFORMING a standard truck into an off road monster has been a passion project for one man and his team of genius engineers. Gregg Higgs is owner of Fab Fours, a car accessory manufacturer that has become known as the company behind some truly inventive custom car designs.

source.image: Ridiculous Rides

Gregg and his team have now transformed a 2015 Chevy Colorado truck into a 4×4 beast named Kymera, that might just be the wackiest design from the team yet. Gregg told Barcroft Cars: “The whole point of Kymera is just to be over-the-top absurd. There’s mild, wild, and then Kymera. It’s just out of control.”

Combined with the absolutely massive set of Fox shocks connected to a custom cage (adorned with a metal Mohawk no less), the truck doesn’t haul anything except speed – anywhere it wants to go.


Kymera is no longer front-engined instead, the engine sits where the bed once was. This isn’t any regular engine either, but a 5.9-liter 650 hp Cummins diesel V8 engine that’s been fitted with a pair of turbochargers.This rig is the product of a custom shop in Lancaster, South Carolina called Fab Fours.