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110KG Two Turbine Powered RC Alpha Jet Model


The Alpha Jet RC plane is scaled upon the French-German designed military training aircraft manufactured by Dassault & Dornier Aviation. The Alpha Jet is a light twin-engine aircraft equipped with an intentionally simple airframe despite the performance delivered.

source.image: DIGITAL RC

Both the leading edges and air intakes are fixed; while the aerodynamic shape of the aircraft, which was developed with the aid of computer aided design (CAD), conforms with the area rule. This 1:2,58-scale Alpha Jet has a wingspan of 3.5m a lenght of 3.9m and weighs 110 kg, the airplane is powered by two Turbine Jet Cat P400 turbine engines. It has an epoxy resin fiberglass fuselage. The pilots of these airplanes in this video are Sebastian Fuchs & Robert Fuchs at ProWing Event, Bad Sassendorf, Germany.

The Alpha jet possesses very stable flight characteristics but is more than capable of most aerobatics when required, meaning it is not only a good choice for the enthusiasts who enjoy high speed or aerobatic flight, but also an excellent trainer jet with fantastic performance!


The colour scheme is distinctive and attractive and it will help with orientation and as this model runs a 4s set up, that is just as well, it’s quick! Full 4 channel control is great for air-display style routines and with a servo per elevator, this little Alpha is crisp. A nice feature is the servo operated bomb drop which add’s to the fun.