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Solo Female Van Life Her Micro Camper Van


Join Jess on an inspiring journey from working in construction to embracing the van life! In this video, Jess shares how she found the perfect van on Facebook Marketplace, made it her home, and figured out how to make a living on the road. Discover how she transformed a budget-friendly van into a cozy and functional living space, complete with a bedroom, kitchen, and art studio.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Jess didn’t go to college and was working a construction job, feeling like her life was mundane. She always dreamed of starting van life but was concerned about the costs and how she would make money on the road. Finding a van within her $8,800 budget on Facebook Marketplace was a game-changer. For $7,000, Jess found a van that had everything she needed, and after $2,000 in repairs, she was ready to hit the road.

Kitchen: Equipped with a running water faucet, a water pump, and a 14-gallon fresh water tank, Jess’s kitchen is designed for efficiency. Bungees help with storage, and the van includes a fridge, making it easy to store food. Living Room: Jess uses bungees and netting for additional storage, keeping essentials like tea, coffee, and towels easily accessible. Her battery setup includes a 100 amp-hour lithium battery, charged by 200 watts of solar power, shore power, and her van’s alternator.


Bedroom: Jess’s bedroom features a custom pillowcase filled with organic cotton, maximizing comfort. Storage underneath includes a gym bag for daily essentials, making her routine seamless. Garage Space: This area stores practical tools like a drill, screws, nails, a tarp, and a crucial shovel that saved her from an $800 towing fee when she got stuck in the desert. Art Studio: Jess creates her jewelry business products outside, using various mediums like metal polish. This space is also where she films content for her YouTube channel, combining work and nature for a perfect vibe.