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14 Reasons Why Cheap Cars Are The Best Cars


For most car owners, driving a newer and expensive model will always be more favorable than a cheap one with all the new tech and added features to make it an overall better driving experience. However, this is not entirely true

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Buying a cheap car that you haven’t had to save up for is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make, and here’s why!.A lot of people may have been underestimating the value of a cheap car, but according to Car Throttle, this should not be the case since there are actually 14 rather amusing reasons why it can be the best car to own and drive around.

Apart from the very attractive price, the advantages would surely convince you to immediately get yourself one. And with its highly disposable features, buying one is quite hard to resist.


You can never appreciate the beauty of a nice car unless you experience one that’s totally crappy, right? Your friends and family will be so embarrassed to be seen in your car, they’ll always offer to take theirs. This means you save money on gas and keep the miles off your already nearing 200,000 mark, meaning you can drive this baby even longer!

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