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18 Plates Hydrogen Generator Electrolysis


This hydrogen generator consists of two 9-plate generators. In total there are 18 316L stainless steel plates.For the electrolysis of water we used distilled water and potassium hydroxide. I currently use a 12V car battery that I charge for free on my balcony from a solar panel.

source/image(PrtSc): Inventive – Water fuel

So we produced free electricity with which we produced free hydrogen and oxygen. Green energy and green hydrogen.This HHO putty can be used to save fuel.

A hydrogen generator installed on a car, installed on a truck or tractor can increase engine performance and save fuel.It can also be used for other purposes, hydrogen for cooking, hydrogen for cutting iron or melting metals.


It can enlarge the project and produce large amounts of hydrogen.Be very careful not to try to do this at home, HHO is very explosive.For any test you need a professional and protective measures./Inventive – Water fuel