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3D Printed Turbine-Powered Umbrella Hat


YouTuber Ivan Miranda created a 3D umbrella hat that will help you stay protected during rainy days. You can see the turbine-powered umbrella hat in action in the video embedded below.

source/image(PrtSc): Ivan Miranda

I made a hat that keeps me dry in the rain, I think we’ve been stuck in the umbrella ages for too long so I wanted to give it a go to improve it.

It certainly can protect you from the rain although it is super loud and not very practical. Every time you see a test there’s an hour of cleanup after as the only place where I could make fake rain was inside the shop.


The hose was probably way more intense than any rain that we usually get here but as I was expecting the weather wasn’t going to collaborate on this one./ Ivan Miranda

VIAIvan Miranda
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