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1930 Classic Indian 4 Motorcycle Startup

The Indian Four was a motorcycle built by the Indian Motocycle Company from 1928 to 1942. It was based on the Ace motorcycle, which Indian bought as part of the assets of the Ace Motor Corporation in 1927.For 1940, the Four frame was modified to include plunger rear suspension.

source/image: Glenn Bator

In the same year, all Indian models were restyled with large, decorative fenders.In this video Glenn Bator fires up a classic Indian 4 motorcycle at Bator International. We never get tired of hearing those classic engines running.

The Four was introduced as a prestige motorcycle it was named for its inline four-cylinder engine,The motorcycle is powered by four-cylinder four-stroke inline engine 1265cc/35hp.


The Four was discontinued with the rest of civilian production in 1942 and was not returned to production after World War II ended.